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Sightseeing Spots

Flowers in winter can tell you how warm winter in Minamiboso is. Blessed with natural resources from ocean to hills, the city also provides historical or cultural sites to visitors.

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Nojimazaki Lighthouse
A historical lighthouse built in the Meiji period. It has been guiding ships going along the Pacific Ocean.
Flower fields
From January to March, with flowers blooming all over, it is the high season for visiting Minamiboso to enjoy early spring.
Takabe Shrine
The history of the shrine goes back to Nihon Shoki, one of the oldest written documents in Japan. It is the only shrine in Japan that is dedicated to the god of cooking.
Shakespeare Country Park
A park with the theme of the world famous play writer, Shakespeare. Visitors can enjoy British atmosphere.
Rakuno no Sato
This is the facility located in Mineoka Farm, the birthplace of dairy farming in Japan. It exhibits documents and artifacts about dairy farming.
Ikiiki Experience Republic
This is the facility for various workshops from dairy farming, farming, to food processing, depending on the season.
Iwai beach
2km-long beautiful sandy beach. Dragline fishing can be done here.
Byobu-iwa in Chikura
Very distinguished geographical form eroded by waves.
Tomiyama Fusehime Cave gate
This is a site related to the famous fiction story Nanso Satomi Hakkenden written in the Edo Period.
Whaling station
The four whaling stations in Japan are, Abashiri City, Hokkaido, Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Taichi City, Wakayama Prefecture and here in Minamiboso City.

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