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Yutaka Ishii,
Minamiboso City

Welcome to Minamiboso City

Minamiboso City, located on the Southern tip of Chiba Prefecture, is blessed with Kuroshio current that gives mild winters, resulting in a non frost area in the southern most part of the city. Surrounded by Tokyo Bay and the Pacific Ocean, the area attracts many visitors for sunbathing in the summer and flower picking in early spring.
The area is rich in not only nature but also historical and cultural resources, and that means this area is quite suitable for hands-on education.
Our hands-on experience programs are done by minshuku owners, whose main businesses are farming or fishing. They have had experience with hosting students of summer schools since the Meiji period.
In the program, those who have been experts in industries such as farming and fishing will help and instruct students in each field. This way children will experience activities in nature and working in primary industries, and deepen their understanding about food and environment. They can also learn to be independent and at the same time to be cooperative with others. Through overnight-stay programs they will learn to coexist with nature. We try our best to develop programs to suit such needs and to instruct the participants.
Working in primary industries such as farming, fishing, and dairy farming means to deal with nature, and it is a tough job.
The palms you see on the front cover are the result of the labor of those who have worked in such industries for many years.
They have lived facing nature, and they can tell us their experiences. They know how to deal with nature, and they can plan and instruct safe hands-on education programs. These hands will tell students what to do with nature.
Minamiboso City also works on creating networks between related groups and individuals so that students can enjoy their programs in beautiful nature. We also try to preserve these precious natural resources so that they will not be disappointed when they come back in the future.
We, citizens of Minamiboso, will be looking forward to hosting you.

Cooperating groups
Minamiboso Tourism Promotion Association / Minamiboso City Tourism Association / Minamiboso City Minshuku Joint Association / Minamiboso City Hot Spring Association / Chikura Inn Association / Shirahama Inn Association / Minamiboso City Michi no Eki Network / Natural Lodging Kusunoki / Rakuno no Sato / Ikiiki Experience Republic / Miyoshi Village Choppiri Taiken Association / Osakana Kobo / Tomiura, Iwai, Shirahama, Boshu Chikura, and Wada Fishery Cooperatives / NPO Chiba Shizen School

Warm hospitality is our pride : you will be staying at accommodations in Minamiboso

They welcome you in family.
There are 5 areas for lodging : Iwai, Tomiura, Shirahama, Chikura and Wada. Each area has its distinguished characteristics, but all welcome you with their warm heart.

The lodging capacity varies from 20 to 100 people, and arrangements can be flexible.
Many of minshuku can hold up to 20 people, while some large ones can hold 100 people and more. Depending on the size of the group, arrangements can be made flexibly.

Minamiboso City is...

In just a little more than one hour from Tokyo, you can get to this natural treasury.
Minamiboso City was founded on March 20, 2006, after incorporation of six towns and one village; Tomiura Town, Tomiyama Town, Miyoshi Village, Shirahama Town, Chikura Town, Maruyama Town, and Wada Town. It is located on the southern tip of Boso Peninsula. Mt. Atago (408m) in the north to the highest in the prefecture, series of high hills of over 300 m are located in the area. Having Tokyo Bay in the west, and Pacific ocean in the east and south, the area has been designated as Minamiboso National Park.
It is only 100 km away from Metropolitan Tokyo area, and takes only 95 minutes, or 70 minutes from Chiba City.
Tokyo Aqualine opened in 1997, then followed National Road 127 between Futtsu and Tateyama in 2004. Higashi Kanto Expressway Tateyama Line was completed on July 4, 2007, making the access from the metropolitan area much easier than before.
With the influence of the warm Kuroshio Current, it is blessed with oceanic climate and is mild in winter and cool in summer. Along the coast is the thermal belt were there is no frost during the winter. People can enjoy flowers in January. It has not only abundant natural resources, but also historical or cultural sites all over.

The story of Nanso Satomi Hakkenden and the Satomi Clan.
Historically Awa area was divided from Kazusa Koku and became Awa Koku in 718. Later once it was incorporated in kazusa Koku, but again became one feudal country of Awa in 757. Many manors existed at that time, and the lords were always changing until the late of middle age. In the middle of 15th century, the Satomi clan succeeded and unified the whole Awa area. They built Tateyama Castle at the end of Sengoku period and the castle became the government center of Awa. However, in 1614, the Satomi clan was dismissed by the central governing system of Tokugawa Shogunate, and since then the area was divided into the government property and some local lords’ properties.
In the modern time, County, Ward, and Town Organization Act became effective in 1878. In 1897, Awa County, Heguri County, Asai County, Nagasa County were incorporated into Awa County, considering that the four counties were similar in culture and lifestyles, and the transportation between the areas existed. Around 1955, there were further incorporations and then that style lasted until 2006, when on March 20 the seven towns and village were all incorporated and became today’s Minamiboso City.

Minamiboso City data
Address : 28 Aoki, Tomiura cho, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture 299-2492
Area : 230.22 square km (88.9 square miles )
Population : 45,152 (21,601 men, 23,551 women)
Households: 16,872
(according to Basic Resident Register, April 1, 2007)

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Minamiboso City Tourist Information Association

Iwai Tourist Information Office
146-2 Ichibu, Minamiboso City 299-2226

Chikura Tourist Information Office
2079 Seto, Chikura cho, Minamiboso City 295-0004

Tomiura Tourist Information Office
451 Haraoka, Tomiura cho, Minamiboso City 299-2403

Shirahama Tourist Information Office
627-9 Shirahama, Shirahama cho, Minamiboso City 295-0102

Wada Tourist Information Office
178 Nigaura, Wada cho, Minamiboso City 299-2703

Maruyama Tourist Information Office
681-2 Oi, Minamiboso City 299-2512

Miyoshi Tourist Information Office
84-1 Kawada, Minamiboso City 294-0814
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