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  2. Nojimasaki Lighthouse (Shirahama Lighthouse)

Nojimasaki Lighthouse (Shirahama Lighthouse)

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Chiba Prefecture Dairy Village

The Nojimasaki Lighthouse, also known as the Hakucho (Swan) Lighthouse, is a beautiful structure and the second-oldest lighthouse in Japan. Located on Chiba's southern tip, it's a great place for viewing the sunset.

The Nojimasaki Lighthouse was designed in 1869 by French engineer François Léonce Verny and is one of the first of Japan's eight Western-style lighthouses. The chalk-white tower is a beautiful sight to behold, and the view from the top is outstanding.
Nearby, a stone monument marks the peninsula's southernmost point, which is also a prime location for viewing the sunset.
The lighthouse's official name is Nojimasaki Lighthouse.

Popular Spot for Viewing the New Year's Sunrise
Viewing the first sunrise of the New Year is a common Japanese tradition, and many come here to see the lighthouse silhouetted against the year's first sunrise.

Location & Phone

630 Shirahama, Shirahama-cho, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture

Phone number +81 470-28-5307 (Minamiboso Tourism Association)


Take the train to Tateyama Station (JR Uchibo Line)

  • From Tateyama Stn., take a bus bound for Shirahama via Kanbe (takes 40 min.) to Nojimasaki Todai-guchi bus stop, which is 8 min. on foot from the lighthouse
  • From Tateyama Stn., take the Flower bus bound for Awashirahama via Nishizaki (takes 1 hour) to Nojimasaki Todai-guchi bus stop, which is 5 min. on foot from the lighthouse


AM 9:00 - PM 4:00 (From October to April)
AM 9:00 - PM 4:30 (From May to September)
Closing day:
During stormy weather.
Adults: ¥200
Children: free
(No group discount available)

Bonus Info

Kirarin-kan, the lighthouse's historical exhibit facility, contains fascinating information on the lighthouse.