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  2. Haraoka Pier (Okamoto Pier)

Haraoka Pier (Okamoto Pier)

Biwa Kurabu

This wooden pier stretches out over the tranquil sea, making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the splendid view.

As one of Japan's few wooden piers, it's used for shooting TV commercials, TV shows and movies—anyone who's in the industry has heard of Haraoka Pier. It even offers views of Mount Fuji silhouetted against the gorgeous evening sunset.
Although this spot is most popular among fishing enthusiasts, other visitors come to see the sunset or just relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. Whatever your purpose, this pier is definitely worth a visit.
The distance separating the pier and the busy road connecting the Haraoka and Tadara-kitahama coastal areas is one reason for its tranquil, laid-back atmosphere: locals often take their dogs for walks here, or just come to chat and gossip with people in the area.
The road leading from the national highway to Haraoka Pier is narrow and challenging to navigate, as is often the case in such fishing village streets. It's actually easier to walk to the pier from Osakana Club (in the Tomiura Fisher's Cooperative)—the route itself provides a pleasant stroll. The pier is also a great place for taking in views of the sunset and Mount Fuji.
Pay a visit to this pier in Minamiboso and take some time to relax.

Location & Phone

Tomiuracho Haraoka, Minamiboso, Chiba Prefecture

Phone number +81 470-28-5307(Minamiboso Tourism Association)


Train: Chiba Station → Tomiura Station(Uchibo Line)
About 700 m (0.4 mi.) to destination.
From Tomiura Stn., continue straight until you reach Nat'l Rt. 127, turn left at the signal, then turn right at the next pedestrian-crossing signal.
Car: Futtsu Tateyama road
Turn right after taking the Tomiura IC off-ramp, continue straight ahead, turn right at the Tadara intersection, then turn left at the pedestrian-crossing signal.
Highway bus: Tokyo Station (Boso Nanohana-go)
Get off at the Biwa Club highway-bus stop, turn right at the signal in front of the michi-no-eki rest area (do not cross the street), walk about 100 m (330 ft.) and turn right just before the river, then continue straight ahead alongside the river. When you reach Nat'l Rt. 127, turn right and continue ahead, then cross at the pedestrian-crossing signal and go straight.


Pier Construction Notice: Concrete Section Repairs

March 3, 2018

Okamoto Pier (Haraoka Pier) was damaged by Typhoon No. 21 (Typhoon Lan), a large typhoon that hit in late October 2017. Repairs for the wooden sections were completed in late November, but additional repairs will be carried out for pier-end concrete sections that broke off.

Repair time will depend on weather, tidal conditions and other such factors. As a result, the pier and part of the beach will be closed to visitors during March. We apologize for this inconvenience.

To Professional Photography and Filming Companies
We understand that this is a popular spot for photography and filming. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting applications for photographing/filming during March due to the repair work described above. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Available, about 20 standard-size cars (large buses may not be able to enter due to narrow road size)