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Loquat Picking

  • Loquat
  • May-June

Loquat Picking

Nothing beats a fresh-picked loquat! Enjoy the taste of early summer with this delicious fruit.

Minamiboso City (a merger of Tomiura and other towns) sends Tomiura-grown Boshu loquats to the Imperial Household every year as a start-of-summer gift. Visitors can pick and enjoy this very same fruit for the one-month period between mid-May and Mid-June!

Boshu loquats (from the Boshu region, where Tomiura is located) are defined by their large size just surpassing that of a chicken's egg, as well as their refreshing and juicy taste. With loquats, there is no need for additional ripening after picking—they mature fully on the branch and taste best if eaten immediately. Visit the Tomiura area to enjoy the delectable taste of this early-summer fruit at its finest.

Reservations and Picking
  • The Biwa Club accepts reservations via telephone and the Internet.
  • Come to the Biwa Club at your reserved date and time. After check-in and payment, you will be given directions to the loquat orchard. Users are expected to go to the orchard on their own.

Location & Phone

Tomiura-cho, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

Phone number +81 0470-33-4611(Michi-no-eki Tomiura Biwa Club)


15 min. walk from JR Tomiura Stn.


available, max. 80 vehicles
Picking season:
Mid-May to mid-June; specific dates vary by year based on loquat growing conditions and rates.
Contact Biwa Club for specifics.
Business holidays:
none (open throughout the picking season)
varies by period and year (contact Biwa Club for specifics)

Bonus Info

Loquats ripen fully on the tree and taste best just after picking.
We do not use pesticides on our loquat trees. Instead, the fruit is covered in bags while on the tree to protect them from pests. This does not affect the taste, and bagged fruit is safe to eat.
Loquat leaves have been used to make tea since the Edo Period (1603–1867), and they are sold today under the Biwa-bacha brand. Try a cup of loquat tea for yourself!